Daniela Chrzanovski, Swiss WebAcademy

Over 2,500 children, young people and employees from companies and public institutions in Romania have participated in recent years in the digital skills training courses organized by Swiss Webacademy. Swiss Webacademy is a digital technologies training company founded a decade ago in Sibiu by Daniela Chrzanovski in partnership with a university of applied sciences - Haute Ecole d'Ingénieurs Neuchatel from Switzerland - which provides expertise and certificates for this training.

"We are going through an enormous societal transformation, but we use technology without realizing the dangers we are exposing ourselves to. More and more children, young people, and employees are signing up for these courses to learn how to use new technologies and be aware of online dangers. We often talk about artificial intelligence or blockchain without knowing the basic concepts, so we got involved in programs to bring awareness to the public about the world we live in," says Daniela Chrzanovski, founder and CEO of Swiss Webacademy, center of excellence in the field of digital technologies.

Born in Oravița (Caraș-Severin county), Daniela attended the Faculty of Automation & Computer Science in Timișoara. After completing her studies, she worked in private and university environments. Her relationship with Switzerland dates back to the early 2000s. While working at the University of Deva, she participated in a program organized by the Faculty of Automation & Computer Science in collaboration with the Canton of Jura in Switzerland, where she attended various courses in Switzerland and France. Later, in 2003, she founded the first Web training center in Romania, a project financed by Helvetica Confederation until 2007, when Romania's accession to the European community occurred. Based on this center, she then launched the Swiss Webacademy in Sibiu in partnership with a university of applied sciences, Haute Ecole d'Ingénieurs Neuchatel, Switzerland, which provides the expertise and certificates for these trainings. Daniela is an associate professor at the Université de Franche-Comté in France, and with her colleague, Marius Amza, supports a specialized course in a master's program, "Développement d’applications WEB", at Haute Ecole ARC Ingenierie in Switzerland.

Currently, Swiss Webacademy offers courses for three audiences: IT specialists acquiring Swiss expertise and certification, employees from companies and public institutions participating in digital skills training programs, and children that learn the first digital education notions during their early years of school.

"Each year, the courses are updated using Swiss expertise, and graduates can take exams with Swiss experts to obtain Swiss certificates. What appeals most about the Swiss system is that it certifies skills and competency without factoring in the level of academic achievement. In other words, if you are competent and meet the evaluation criteria for the full stack developer role, for example, you become accredited in Switzerland, even if you don't have a university degree".

The price for these courses in partnership with HE ARC offered by Swiss Webacademy is 1,500 euros/participant, and the programs span nine months (with a training session frequency of two days a week).

"From 2012 to date, about 1,800 young people have acquired digital skills at Swiss standards, on top of another 700-800 children who participated in our courses. Also, over 600 employees from various companies and institutions have improved their IT skills through specific programs at the Swiss Webacademy. The programs become more complex year after year to keep up with the high-speed evolution of digitalization".

In addition to the training programs, the Swiss Webacademy organizes an international Cybersecurity congress in Sibiu, which reached its ninth edition this year. This event has always been under the patronage of the Swiss Embassy, and H.E. The Ambassador opens the proceedings of the congress every year.

"As co-leader of the IT& Cybersecurity working group within the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Romania, we have defined several events for the year 2023. Our expertise will contribute to companies' and individuals/parents' awareness of Internet dangers and the preventive measures needed in this respect".

Founder and vice-president of the Francophone Business Club, Daniela is involved this year in three events organized in partnership with CCE-R on topical issues in the field of IT & cybersecurity.