Managers under the spotlight - Emanuel Constantin, Inovalabel

Emanuel Constantin is the General Manager of Inovalabel, a 100% Swiss owned company operating in Romania, leading provider of labels and labeling technology. He graduated the Institute for Business and Public Administration (ASEBUSS Bucharest) & the Kennesaw State University Atlanta, 2008, Executive MBA. He has background in Electronic and Computer Science. Before his present position he had successive roles in Segezha Packaging Romania, Lindab Romania and Astra Refinery Ploiesti.

As part of the CCE-R initiative meant to bring member managers under the spotlight, we had the opportunity to address Emanuel few questions from both human and professional perspectives. Enjoy the interview down below.

1. What does a working day look like for you?

Usually I start my day early in the morning. No later than 07:30 I’m in the office, even if the program starts later. This way I have at least one “quiet” hour to think and to solve the most important tasks of the day. Then the working day is full with interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers. No matter how a day looks like, as long as I’m in the office I have a personal target to pass through the Production floor at least one time per day. There is no better way to feel the “pulse” of the business and to understand how it is going. In the evening I prefer to relax and to have activities with the familly members.

2. How is Emanuel Constantin outside the office?

In or outside the office I’m trying to take the time as a gift and to find all the time the beautifull or at least the useful part of the activities. I cannot see big differences when I’m outside the office. Generally speaking I am the same, maybe just a little bit more relaxed outside the office.  

3. Tell us about one important project you’re working on this year.

There were a lot of projects so far, each of them with different opportunities, different challenges, different outcomes… If I have to choose one I would take the project of solar pannels installation for our factory. It is one of my favourite projects, not only due to the fact that it would bring us an important costs saving especially during these turbulent times, but also it is a decisive step in the direction of sustainability. This project is only a first step in the direction of “green” energy that we want to use in our production processes. We want to continue and we have plans for new extensions in order to produce more solar energy.

4. What was one big innovation your industry has benefited from over the last few years?

One of the bigest innovation was the usage of recicled materials for labels, especially for shrink sleeves labels. While two years ago most of the shrink sleeves labels on the market were made on PVC and PET, now we can say that recicled PET replaced totally these two materials. The performance characteristics of the recicled material are similar to the replaced materials and the the same are the costs.

5. What’s one great challenge the industry you’re operating in is currently facing?

The continuous price increases of raw materials, gas, electricity are the biggest challenges. We have to find solutions and to addapt the business accordingly.

6. What’s your current hobby?

My biggest hobby is to travell around the country and abroad with the familly members and to discover new cultures, new places, new people. Other hobies are to play tennis and to watch different other sports like football, handball and Formula 1.

7. What’s your favourite book?

When I was child I read with pleasure Jules Verne’s books. He was a visionary, he wrote about some inventions (telegraph, airplane etc) that were “dreams” at that time and  became real many years after his death.  Now I don’t have a favourite author but I read a lot of books about the World War II. This way I can have a better understanding of the history and of the current situation of Europe and of the world in general.

8. What piece of advice would you give to a newly appointed CEO / young entrepreneur?

To read the Jack Welch’s book “Winning”. It is a fascinating collection of leadership learnings. I recommend it not only for newly appointed CEO or young entrepreneur, but also for any person in management positions.