Managers under the spotlight - Jakob Hausmann, Partner and Administrator, Hausmann World

What does a working day look like for you?

I am an early person, so, at 7 A.M. I already have my coffee.  And when I’m not participating in different consulting gastronomic projects or culinary demos with my partners (abroad or in the country) at 9 o’clock, I begin the office activities.  The afternoons are booked for meetings in different locations, with clients, until 5-6 P.M.

How are you outside the restaurant?

I’m pleased with the present, being engaged in several projects that make me happy and  proud to help restaurant owners, by sharing with them my experience in the domain. It’s a pleasure for me to make things work, bring changes and improve existing kitchens, and also opening new locations, so being permanently involved in new gastronomic projects.

The only think that I really miss is that unique atmosphere of a Restaurant, when I am in direct contact with the clients. 

Tell us about one important project you’re currently working on.

One of the important project for the moment is a modern Bistro, situated in the center of Bucharest, with aprox. 50 places, inside and outside. It is a real challenge, because we wish to keep a high food standard for this kind of location, and also to bring some new culinary products on the Romanian market.

What was one big innovation your industry has benefited from over the last few years?

There are several innovations in the gastronomic domain, one of these ones being the globalization of ingredients, helped by the cooks coming to Europe from all over the world. So, these influences offered the clients the possibility to choose from a variety of restaurants.

The innovation and the trend of the last years is well defined - “back to origins”: traditional and seasonal cooking.

How does the food delivery services influence your business?

This aspect depends on the gastronomy one practices. If you have a simple kitchen, a traditional one or a fast food, this is a plus for your business. But for a restaurant with a specific menu, as I, myself had, you must permanently be at a high level of quality and also offer a special atmosphere that could take the client out of his house, to your place.

What’s one great challenge the industry you’re operating in is currently facing?

The biggest challenge of the moment is in the domain of human resources, and that it means to find the balance between working time, salary, qualification level  and the competence of the employees.

What’s your current hobby?

Travelling. We like to travel, to see new countries from the perspective of their cuisine, to experience new culinary dishes, to discover new locations.

What’s your favourite book? /or Who is your favourite author? (your choice)

Generally, I’m reading specialized books, following the activity of worldwide chefs, and permanently looking for modern cooking techniques, because I want to be up to date with the news in the field.

In my turn, I like to share this knowledge to the ones who ask for my help, as consultant in different gastronomic projects, and also to use it constantly in my collaborations with well known local and European Brands.