Managers under the spotlight - Mioara Iofciulescu, Managing Director, Atlantis Romania

Mioara Iofciulescu has a versatile professional background and about 20 years of experience in real estate development. She joined Atlantis Romania in 2012, as Legal Manager and was promoted to Managing Director in 2013, position that she currently holds.

She is a communication specialist, having a degree in Social Communication and Public Relations from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA), she has a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and masters in civil law and business law from Titu Maiorescu University, and graduated with distinction from an Executive Master of Business Administration at Tiffin University (Ohio, USA).

Being passionate about art, she is President of Bucharest Handmade Art Academy, organization that sustains and promotes artists and artisans from Romania.

Mioara is also Vice president of the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (OFA UGIR), patronage that campaigns for the recognition of the important role of women in society.

Can you tell us more about your career journey?

My career started at 17 years old, and my first job was as television reporter. I continued working in mass media until 2004 when I shifted towards business environment, combining events planning with the real estate industry, especially in property acquisitions and residential development.

I was always passionate about law and since 2013 I am member of Bucharest Legal Counsellors College, acting as a Legal Adviser whenever is necessary in my current activity.

In 2019 I discovered my interest for handmade art, and I took a few courses to learn how to use different materials and how to apply various techniques to create art objects. Since then, I never stopped learning and implementing projects intended to promote the handmade art created in Romania.

I do believe that anytime is the right moment to learn new things, to be creative, to innovate and to experiment so that I will be able to evolve, both professionally and personally.

Who is Atlantis Romania and what are its current projects?

Atlantis Romania is part of AG Group, a Swiss holding operating various business in Europe and USA since 1990. We are present in Romania since 2006, holding a portfolio of over 370 hectares of land for residential, commercial, logistic, and industrial projects, located in Ilfov, Prahova, Calarasi, Giurgiu and Constanta, with a value of 25 million Euro and we currently develop projects of 55 million Euro.

One of our new projects is Solar Villas, a concept of energy-independent houses that generates a neighbourhood where energy efficiency comes first. Each unit has a photovoltaic panel system installed with a capacity of 10 kW, and the heating and cooling of the living spaces is done by heat pumps, a technical solution that eliminates the consumption and combustion of natural gas and reduces the area's carbon footprint, thus creating a higher quality living environment. The fact that the project also includes a retail component, with commercial spaces to ensure proximity services and facilities, such as a supermarket, kindergarten, pet shop, pharmacy, beauty centre or electric charging stations, is an additional advantage that generates a sustainable development of the area.

Another significant investment that we are working on now is the photovoltaic park in Prahova County having a 42 MW productive capacity of electricity using solar energy. The project will have a major impact in the environmental area, being a regional component of the just transition to green energy, in an area dominated by the oil industry.

What is the development strategy of your company, taking into consideration the changing market demands for real estate development and energy production in Romania?

Our goal, since the beginning of the activity in Romania, is to develop sustainable projects, which have a significant impact on society, and which generate positive long-term effects. To follow this trend, but also to comply with market requirements, our development strategy focuses on the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of residential development, but also on the implementation of projects in the field of electricity production, using renewable sources.

Our vision is to become leader on the renewable energy market in Romania by operating photovoltaic power plants and an emblematic company in the field of real estate development by implementing solutions that add value to residential projects and offer exceptional experiences to our customers.

The aim of Atlantis Romania is to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the transition to green energy, using advanced technologies and the international experience of the Swiss group of which it is part, as well as good practices in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Please tell us more about your interest in handmade art and the projects you manage in this area.

My main activity in this area is carried out through The Bucharest Handmade Art Academy, a non-governmental organization established in May 2021, a unique concept implemented by me in response to the need of organizing the artisans' guild, with the main aim of promoting handmade art created in Romania, as well as Romanian artists and artisans.

The first large-scale project of the NGO was the "Handmade-Art with Soul" National Contest, already at its 3rd edition in 2023, which aims to recognize and validate the work and talent of the most creative Romanian artists and artisans.

The Bucharest Handmade Art Academy regularly organize exhibitions in Bucharest or in the country, presenting handmade works of art produced by its members, but also very old items acquired into its heritage. We also host creative workshops or other events and activities aimed at promoting Romanian art and culture, as well as Romanian customs and traditions.

My major objective in this area is to establish a National Museum of Handmade Art that celebrates the craftsmanship of Romanian artisans and that brings to the attention of the public handmade art objects, created with older or newer techniques, used in the last century at least, traditional pieces with ethnographic value or modern works, awarded at various competitions or created especially for the academy's heritage.

You are a supporter of female entrepreneurship, holding the position of Vice-President of the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs from UGIR. What is the mission of this patronage and what important objectives you have for the near future?

The Organization of Women Entrepreneurs from UGIR was born at the beginning of 2020, from the desire to increase the importance of the role of women in Romanian society. We support the development and promotion of women entrepreneurs, support business initiatives that generate innovative products and services, and encourage women's involvement in business and professional career development in all sectors of activity. OFA UGIR already has very active branches both nationally, in Bucharest and in 25 counties of the country, and internationally, in Spain, Croatia and the Republic of Moldova. We continue the constant development in Romania and Europe, by creating partnerships and by developing subsidiaries and representative offices. Our directions of action target areas of national importance, such as education, social environment, capital from European and government funds, health, local administration and community development, entrepreneurship, agriculture, culture, and tourism.

I do believe in the inner strength and professional capacity of women, and I am convinced that we have a significant contribution to the sustainable development of our society.

What’s your favourite book?

My favourite book is David Copperfield, a novel that I read when I was 12 years old, written by Charles Dickins, considerate to be a classic of Victorian literature and one of Dickens' most autobiographical works.

I was impacted by the engaging narrative, memorable characters, and the exploration of universal themes that remain relevant to these days, such as formal family relationships, love opportunistic approach, friendship, harsh conditions faced by the working class, plight of women in society, the injustices of the legal system, culminating with the struggles and triumphs of a young man navigating through a changing society.

Even though I read hundreds of books since then, none of them could impress me more than David Copperfield and I will always remain a fan of Charles Dickens.

What is your message for young entrepreneurs and professionals?

I would say that the most important is to follow their dreams, no matter how difficult it may seem and to choose a career that brings them joy. Because money and success will follow the happiness and contentment of their work and they will be able to reach their best version as professionals, but also as individuals.