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About the company

Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry.

Globally, Sika has subsidiaries in more than 100 countries, manufactures in over 300 factories, employs 25,000 people and generated sales of CHF 8.1 billion in 2019.

Five management principles express the corporate culture: Customer FirstCourage for InnovationSustainability & IntegrityEmpowerment & RespectManage for Results.


Milestones Sika Romania

2002: company established in Brasov;

2008: first production unit- the admixture factory;

2014: opening of the dry mortars factory in Cluj.

Sika Romania becomes market leader in concrete admixtures, industrial flooring solutions, roofing membranes, structural strengthening systems, and special repair mortars with annual sales of more than 30 million euro.

2018: Sika acquires Arcon, a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems.

2019: Sika has agreed to acquire Adeplast, a major manufacturer of mortars and thermal insulation solutions.

Both acquisitions will significantly strengthen Sika’s position on the local construction market and extend its manufacturing footprint in Romania.

What we do


Sika develops and markets numerous admixtures and additives for use in concrete, cement and mortar production. These products enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened concrete, such as workability, watertightness, durability, or early and final strength.

The refurbishment segment features concrete protection and repair solutions, for example repair mortars, protective coatings, grouts and structural strengthening systems. It also includes products for interior finishing, such as leveling compounds, tile adhesives and tile grouts.


Extended workability, controlled over several hours, is especially important for urban construction sites with congested traffic, or remote areas resulting in long transportation times. At the same time, once the concrete is placed, fast curing is of utmost importance to meet tight construction schedules. Sika ViscoFlow® is a workability enhancing admixture, based on a new inhouse-developed polymer which significantly prolongs the workability time of the fresh concrete and still ensures equally fast strength development. The workability time can be modified in accordance with differing distances to job sites. Furthermore, the required consistency of the concrete is ensured in high as well as in low temperature climates.


SikaGrout®-334 and SikaGrout®-234 are examples of the Sika ready-to-use mortar range specially formulated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing a significant part of the Portland Cement content with supplementary recycled waste materials - contributing to climate protection and improving resource efficiency, without compromising on performance. The new low-emission tile adhesive SikaCeram®-290 StarLight also contains sustainable raw materials. SikaCeram®-290 StarLight is a lightweight tile adhesive which covers 80% additional surface in comparison with a traditional tile adhesive.



Sika's solutions cover the full range of technologies used for below-ground waterproofing: flexible membrane systems, liquid applied membranes, waterproofing admixtures for mortars, joint sealants, waterproofing mortars, injection grouts and coatings.


One of the most recently launched solutions is the innovative SikaProof® below ground waterproofing system. This fully bonded system consists of a highly flexible polyolefin membrane with a unique grid pattern of sealant and a specially designed non-woven fleece. The full mechanical bond effect emerges when the fleece is completely embedded in the fresh concrete. In addition, the sealant grid prevents any lateral water underflow between the membrane and the concrete as the grid-pattern creates small watertight compartments. The highly durable SikaProof® system is fast and secure to install which results in long-lasting, cost efficient waterproofing.



Sika provides a full range of single-ply and built-up flat roofing systems incorporating both flexible sheet and liquid applied membranes. Demand in this segment is driven by the need for eco-friendly, energy-saving solutions such as green roof systems, cool roofs and solar roofs, which simultaneously help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Sika's flooring solutions are based on synthetic resin and cementitious systems for industrial and commercial buildings, for example pharmaceutical and food-sector production plants, public buildings such as educational and health care facilities, parking decks and private residential properties.


Two new liquid applied membrane systems have been launched onto the market. Sikalastic® 641 is a low-odor product with significantly reduced solvent and VOC content. It is based on the patented i-Cure® hardener technology and has been developed specifically for use in highly sensitive areas, such as hospitals, food manufacturing plants and schools. Sikalastic® Everguard® Zero-1 is a one-component polyurethane system which has successfully been introduced to the Asian market. Since no mixing is required, the application, and consequently construction time, is shortened. Sika has also developed an online specification tool which helps customers choose the right products for their projects. Not only does the tool help to identify the most appropriate system, it will also conduct a life-cycle cost analysis which can be used to compare against other products.


The one shot parking deck system with Sikalastic®-8800 and Sikafloor®-359 is a new fast-applied flooring system. By using a new injection process, the spray application of the waterproofing layer and the wearing course can be done at the same time. Two working steps are combined in one shot. This means that the entire application of a 1,000 m2 parking deck can be completed in one day. Accordingly the downtime for the parking garage is significantly reduced. The new injection process also leads to material savings, as up to 75% less aggregates are used.



Sika’s wide-ranging portfolio includes top-class elastic sealing and bonding solutions to meet all job site needs, for example joint sealants for facades or resistant sealants for floor and special joints as well as multipurpose bonding solutions for interior finishing or parquet and soft floor covering installations.


Sika launched the new SikaHyflex® family of high-performance sealants for the building envelope, which meet the strictest technical requirements and help to build sustainable and energy efficient buildings. Due to the growing significance of health and safety Sika, as market and technology leader for polyurethane sealants and adhesives, developed the new i-Cure® hardener technology which combines the best properties of traditional polyurethane sealant and adhesive technology with features such as very low emissions, solvent free and classification free. Easy and safe application as well as high initial tack with a wide range of application possibilities are the key benefits of the newly launched Sika high tack adhesives for elastic multipurpose bonding, which can replace conventional fixing methods such as nails and screws



The markets served by Sika include automobile construction, the commercial vehicle industry (structural bonding, direct glazing, acoustic systems, reinforcing systems), automotive aftermarket (auto glass replacement, car body repair), renewable energies (solar and wind), and facade engineering (structural glazing, sealing of insulating glass units).


Examples of successfully introduced products which enable lightweight construction and enhance the vehicle’s crash performance and resistance are SikaPower®, an adhesive for the latest generation of high-strength, weight-optimized car bodies, and SikaReinforcer®-940 / -960 bonded reinforcing elements. For auto glass replacement, the new SikaTack® Zero offers the fastest “safe drive-away time” in the market. Sikaflex® 268 is a new product used for flush glazing - bonding of glass components without a protruding frame structure - in the rail industry. It allows bonding and backfill sealing with one product and offers the best weathering and thermal properties.

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