Cristian Matei, Advanced Thinking: New market conditions require a fundamental redesign of business models, not just a 'patching' of existing ones

Digital transformation processes in companies must be factored in from the beginning by using the latest existing technologies, and such a process can only be successfully carried out if employees are really part of it.

'New market conditions require a fundamental redesign of business models, not just incremental improvement or 'patching' of existing business models. This is the main message which I will be emphasizing this year at the OPEX Week Business Transformation World Summit, the most important event in the world on business transformation and continuous improvement topics, an event that will take place between January 30 and February 1 in Miami, USA', said Cristian Matei, Founder, Advanced Thinking Switzerland GmbH & Advanced Thinking Ltd and coordinator of the Business Transformation & Continuous Improvement working group within CCE-R.

Cristian Matei will be one of the main speakers of the 24th edition of the OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit 2023 event, where he will continue to deliver the yearly Master Class. The event will bring together around 1,500 top professionals and executives from around the world interested in the latest trends in digital transformation and continuous improvement. This year's event is designed for the entire Transformation Executive Unit including: Continuous Improvement Leaders; those driving the Operations Function; broader business leaders who own critical processes within their organizations and who are challenged to find new ways of avoiding or solving problems and building capabilities.

'Digital transformation process must be carried out by cleaning, simplifying and redesigning the processes within companies, and new technologies must drive new systems, not to maintain the existing ones. Also, all changes made in the company must be doubled by really integrating them into the organizational culture, because no process can be successful if employees do not align with the new realities', Cristian Matei said.

Cristian Matei serves as Senior Leadership Advisor, Coach and Consultant, having extensive experience in working on all continents with Executive Boards requiring expert assistance in improving organizational performances.

Cristian is a former Global Head Learning & Development and MBB at General Electric, former Global Head Operational Quality & Continuous Improvement and MBB at Alstom and former Re-engineering Coordinator at ABB.

He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Architecture Re-engineering & Business Transformation and a double Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification with Six Sigma Academy in States and Alstom Group in France & Switzerland.

He is a key-note speaker, Judge and Board Member with over 120 international events and Mentor at the ETH Zurich University.

In 2011 he was named the “Operational Excellence European Community Contributor of the Year” at London OPEX Process Excellence Award. In 2019 Cristian won with Apa Nova Veolia the OPEX Process Excellence Award for the “Best Business Transformation Project in the World” and in 2020 co-authored “DARE! – behind the scenes of the best Business Transformation Project in the World” which became Amazon #1 Best Seller for Business Process Reengineering, Change Management and Project Management. In 2022 Cristian was named the "Operational Excellence Global Community Contributor of the Year" at the Miami OPEX Week World Business Transformation Summit 2022.