10 Unique Holidays Destinations in Romania



A unique map of Romania revealing marvellous places is available here: http://www.romanian-explorer. com/.

Romania is the country of all possibilities, where old local traditions meet new global trends. Indeed, it is fascinating to observe the mixture between these two opposite trends in the capital city of Bucharest. However, the most amazing and authentic places one can visit in Romania carry the smell of wild nature, ancient walls and fresh homemade polenta.

To get the real pulse of a rural-based country, with plenty of village retreats, beautiful mansions and breathtaking citadels, here are 10 holiday destinations for you:

The star-shaped citadel of Alba Iulia

The only Vauban citadel in Romania, Alba Carolina was built during the Habsburg domination in Transylvania and is now considered the most impressive fortress of its kind in South-Eastern Europe. Inside the citadel walls, you can find the Union Museum, marking the room where the Romanian Union was signed, two impressive cathedrals, one orthodox and one catholic, and the amazing Batthyaneum library, founded in 1798 with century-old books and manuscripts.

Covasna County, also known as The Land of Mansions

In Covasna you will find beautiful Hungarian villages in the middle of Romania, where you can enjoy yourself like a local. You can stay in a restored mansion, visit the villages, the fortified churches and get wonderful objects from traditional craftsmen, right after you see them being made. Covasna is also known for the “mofeta” and mineral water treatment centers. You can end your day tasting delicious homemade jams and having a glass of Romanian wine.

Daniel Castle in SzékelyLand

Daniel Mihaly, Deputy Captain of this land in the 17th Century, set up the castle in the Late Renaissance style. Nowadays, the mansion belongs to a young family and was transformed into an impressive history-themed boutique-hotel, carrying a history of centuries. If you wish to spend your holidays in a beautiful mansion, with original mural paintings from the Ottoman times, Daniel Castle is a time worthy choice.

Valea Verde Retreat, Cund Village, Transylvania

In the village of Cund, Mures County, two Germans created an isolated resort including several individual apartments, all inside small cottages. Getting there you will feel that you have reached the end of the road. Once having arrived, you will discover a well-preservednatural paradise, minimalist cottages in the Saxon style, impeccable services, deliciousgourmet dishes and an oasis of silence. If you love the flavor of fresh truffles, the owners can arrange a truffle hunting tour or you can order an exquisite truffle dish.

Viscri, Transylvania - The village of Prince Charles

Viscri is one of the Transylvanian Saxonvillages and the favorite summer residence of Prince Charles of Wales. He owns a modest house here, from the 18th century, with simple decorations and little furniture, just like all the other traditional houses in Viscri are. If you happen to visit the village, keep your eyes and nostrils wide open to enjoy the medieval surroundings and the freshness of the air.The perfect morning in Viscri starts with a ride with the horse drawn carriage and ends with a slice of homemade bread and butter.

Danube Delta Resort

For nature and quiet evenings lovers, Delta Dunarii is THE HOLIDAY destination. Reachable by boat only, one hour away from the Tulceacity noise, Danube Delta Resort is a resort designed to combine comfort and tradition, offering its guests boat trips on the Danube Delta’s small channels, bird watching tours, fishing amenities and an excellent traditional cuisine.

Maldar's Mansion, near Horezu

This authentic Romanian mansion invites you to discover the manorial charm of old Oltenia. Each room has its own story encrusted in charming details, such as genuine historical furniture, traditional carpets, starched linen and dowry chests. As a bonus, you can enjoy a steaming coffee under the same arches where boyars of old times used to quiet their minds.

Hotel Kronwell in Brasov

With its exquisite ambiance and design, Hotel Kronwell is not to be missed by business people visiting the flourishing city of Brasov. The hotel offers comfortable rooms equipped with the latest technology, conference halls, impeccable services and a SPA & Health Centre.

Vox Maris Grand Resort Costinesti

Since the Romanian seaside region is not to be missed during the summer months, we recommend a stay at the resort hotel Vox Maris in Costinesti. The resort's design is a mixture of Roman and Greek styles, with imposing statues, colorful flowers, palm trees and fountains in the interior courtyard.

Green Village Resort in the Danube Delta

Located in Sf. Gheorghe village, where the Danube meets the Black Sea, Green Village is a resort with a wide variety of accommodation facilities. Aside from the beautiful wooden houses on the shore, the resort is also offeringactivities such as birdwatching, canoeing, fishing and even relaxation massage with volcanic rocks and essences.

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