About the project

CCE-R – SEC partnership in developing Romanian – Swiss business relations

Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

Conducted jointly by The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Romania (CCE-R) in Bucharest and The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe (SEC) in Zurich

Background information

The project is aimed at giving new momentum to the development of Swiss – Romanian business relations both bilaterally and on third markets. All the elements of the projects were created to ensure first hand business connections and experience sharing between Swiss and Romanian companies, under the umbrella of the CCE-R and SEC, two organisms dedicated to develop the business cooperation between Switzerland and Romania.

CCE-R is the main Executing Agency in this project and SEC is its Swiss partner.

The total budget of the project is CHF 110’348.50 out of which CHF 99’308.50 is granted by Switzerland.

More info at www.swiss-contribution.ro and www.swiss-contribution.admin.ch/romania .

CCE-R and SEC: fifteen years of cooperation

The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Romania (CCE-R) in Bucharest and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe (SEC) in Zurich function on the basis of a fifteen-year experience of cooperative work. They benefit from the advantage of the resources offered by the Swiss – Romanian Cooperation Program (SRCP) which is an element of the Swiss Confederation’s participation to reduce economic and social disparities within the European Union. CCE-R and SEC joined their capabilities and took a practical approach to implement a new plan to encourage cross-border business partnerships under current local and international conditions.

Activities to be developed:

  • Publication of informative and promotional materials (Oct. 2015 – May 2016)
  • Reconstruction of the CCE-R website (April – Oct. 2015)
  • Construction of an internet-based platform for facilitating Swiss – Romanian business contacts, match-making and partnerships (April – Oct. 2015)
  • Organisation of a forum in Switzerland (Oct. 21st, 2015)
  • Organisation of a forum and company site visits in Romania (May 9, 2016)

Target group

The main target group is represented by Romanian and Swiss small and medium sized companies. However, large companies may also benefit from the information resources and direct contact opportunities made available during and after the project.

The companies to be included in the electronic data base and information exchange platform will be selected on the basis of prior market analyses and screenings performed by CCE-R professionals in both Romania and Switzerland.


Project overall objective:

Strengthening partnership between the CCE-R and SEC in the field of establishing and developing business contacts between Romanian and Swiss companies.

The described overall objective will be achieved through the realisation of the specific objectives below.


Project specific objectives:

  1. Sharing experience and good practices to diversify the services provided by the CCE-R to its members and to external companies and organisations, as well as to improve their quality;
  2. Improving the efficiency of the activities for attracting new members from Switzerland and Romania through exchange of experience between the partners in the field of joint organisation and carrying out of business forums and events.

The achievement of the above overall and specific project objectives is in line with the overall objective of the Partnership Fund for establishing new or strengthening existing partnerships.