Program benefits

Sustainable results beneficial both for Romanian and Swiss business partners

Besides the short term activities that the project includes, one of its great advantages is given by the sustainable results that will serve the Romanian-Swiss business partnership many years from now.

CCE-R will ensure the maintenance of the website and internet platform on a permanent basis. So its members will benefit from improved services and advanced tools to expand their trade domestically and internationally. They will get help to be aware and properly informed, and stay ahead of their competitors.

The two forums will bring together prominent officials and representatives from companies, institutions and other organizations, giving them the opportunity to get pertinent information and establish business-to-business contacts.

Offering first hand information on the business environment in Romania and Switzerland

The first problem faced in establishing initial contacts between Romanian and Swiss companies is the lack of professionally prepared information both about Romania and the peculiarities of doing business in the country, and about Romanian producers capable to meet the high requirements of the Swiss companies.

For making the decision to partner with a Romanian company, a Swiss entrepreneur needs to be convinced that Romania is a country to be seriously taken into consideration for doing business in.

Business match-making between Romanian and Swiss business partners

Reliable local non-government organisations are ready to support and provide assistance in establishing contacts with potential partners as well as in dealing with them and with relevant institutions.

Among them CCE-R is implementing modern instruments for partner search and other services related to speed up processes from procurement to joint venturing.

This activity aims at putting in place all prerequisites at high standards.