Swiss Sponsors’ Fund (SSF) 2023


1.    General information

a)    Swiss Sponsors ’Fund (SSF) is a joint project of the Swiss Embassy in Romania and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania (CCE-R). SSF was created in 2012, shortly after the celebration of 100 years of Swiss-Romanian diplomatic relations and based on the positive reactions of the Swiss business sector involved in supporting the centenary's activities.

b)    SSF is a collaborative platform between the Swiss Embassy in Romania, the CCE-R and its members. SSF's mission is to develop and strengthen Swiss-Romanian bilateral relations, to increase the visibility of the CCE-R members and to support projects that promote Swiss-Romanian bilateral exchanges, reflecting Swiss values, competencies and interests in various regions of Romania.

c)    SSF is managed by the Embassy and financed annually by CCE-R members. Between 2012 and 2019, the fund had mainly a cultural vocation. Following the consultations with the business environment and the clarifications of the fiscal aspects in terms of sponsorship of the activities carried out by the Embassy, SSF allows, in accordance with art. 4, para. (1), lit. a) of the Sponsorship Law no. 32/1994, financing area in other fields of activity than the cultural one, such as: artistic, educational, scientific - fundamental and applied research, humanitarian, religious, philanthropic, sports, human rights protection, medical-sanitary, social assistance and services, environmental, social and community protection, representation of professional associations, maintenance, restoration, conservation and enhancement of historical monuments.

d)    On 1st January 2021, the new Directive of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs on cooperation with sponsors came into force. This directive is binding for the embassy. It introduces higher level of transparency and compliance in managing sponsored activities. As the embassy is administrating the SSF, the directive applies to its administration.

FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors 2021


2.    Eligibility criteria and project selection

a)    Eligibility criteria

SSF supports projects that meet the following prerequisites:

·      have an explicit connection with Switzerland;

·      are of interest for the Swiss-Romanian bilateral relations;

·      have an innovative dimension;

·      have a public impact;

·      are adequately funded by state institutions or private sponsors.

b)    Application file

The application file has to include the following:

·      project description;

·      place and date of the event / events;

·      information related to the invited participants and key partners involved in the project;

·      promotion campaigns / expected impact of the project;

·      budget and funding plan, including the requested contribution to the Embassy.

c)    Submission deadline

·     at least 4 months before the start of the project

e)    Selection of the projects  

·     within a maximum of 2 months from the submission date of the application file


3.    Sponsors SSF 2023 

a)    Categories:

The SSF 2023 sponsorship is addressed to the members of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania, interested in financing the activities supported by the Swiss Embassy. The sponsorship options have been tailored to give as many companies as possible the opportunity to get involved in this project. There are 3 categories of sponsors, as follows: 

·     Partners:               10’000 Euro                                    

·     Donors:                   5’000 Euro                             

·     Friends:                   2’500 Euro                 

b)   Benefits:

·     fiscal benefits, according to the Law no. 32/1994 on sponsorship and Law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, with subsequent amendments and completions;

·     advertising at each event financed by SSF 2023: the company logo inserted in the SSF 2023  roll-up, which will be posted in a visible place during the organized events;

·     the entire process of correspondence, project selection, relationship with artists or institutions organizing events is the responsibility of the Embassy;

·     advertising on the Embassy's Facebook page;

·     mentioning of the name of the sponsor on the Embassy’s website

·     regular information on organized events;

·     invitations to events;

·     involvement, if desired, in identifying the best projects eligible for funding through SSF 2023.


For additional information, please contact Liliana Ciurea, responsible for cultural affairs at the Embassy at e-mail: or phone: +40 21 206 16 42.